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LEP LSX BOWTIE 427”,440”,454” Short block

Price: $7,399.00
Manufacturer: LEP
Manufacturer Part No: LSx

Product Options

LSX BOWTIE 427”,440”,454”
-GM LSX block w/ priority main oiling, billet main caps & 6 bolts per cylinder
-Callies Compstar 4340 4.0” stroke crankshaft (4.125” stroke for 454”)
-Callies 6.125” H beam rods w/ ARP 2000 7/16” bolts
-Wiseco forged nitrous pistons w/ multi fit valve pockets (4.125” for 427, 4.185” for 440” & 454”)
-Total Seal stainless chrome top ring, napier 2nd, 3mm HT oil rings (for high heat applications)
-Clevite H series main & rod bearings
-Dura Bond one piece cam bearings
-ARP main studs
Shortblock blueprinting process summary.
-Block is inspected for flaws and when cleared for use is fully deburred inside & out, line honed to low of spec w/ ARP main studs (establishing crankshaft center line as well as insures proper bearing crush), deck surfaces cut using BHJ deck true fixture insuring perpendicular deck surfaces & optimum quench distance, cylinders bored (when required) using 3 axis CNC mill, cylinders honed w/ torque plate to required clearance for specific application, block is machined as required for rod bolt clearance, block is final inspected and extensively cleaned for assembly. Each crankshafts stroke is individually indexed on a Berco crank grinding machine and all journals are measured for alignment, roundness and taper. Any corrections necessary are made to insure a perfect crank from post to rear seal. Crankshaft is balanced to ¼ oz. in. tolerance. During final assembly ring end gaps are adjusted for application and all bearing clearances are adjusted for application. All oil galley plugs & dowel pins are installed.