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DTE C6 Corvette differential brace

MSRP: $429.00
Price: $399.00
You Save: $30.00 (7 %)

We've identified the three most common causes for C6 Corvette driveline failure and engineered the DTE Differential Strut to address and correct those negative issues in a lightweight, compact package. The problem of differential case fracture, transmission case breakage and driveline deflection during hard acceleration on the street, road course or drag strip is a common, inherent problem with the C6 Corvette that often shears the differential away from the attachment point at the transmission.

This product significantly increases the strength of the differential and transmission assembly for high performance use by spreading the drivetrain stress loading over a greater surface area and to the strongest points of attachment in the C6 Corvette driveline. Superior strength by design was successfully achieved with out adding unnecessary weight to the vehicle.

fully achieved. The M6 model only weighs approx. 17.2 lbs., which is comparable in weight to approx. 2.5 gallons of gasoline.

Each bracket is manufactured using laser-cut, 3/8" thick tempered steel for durability and exact fit. The adjustable strut rods are manufactured of stainless steel and are 9/16" in diameter for strength, while still being lightweight. We also utilize HD, steel-ball Heim joints at both ends for ease of assembly and strut rod durability. All threaded mounting holes deeply threaded to increase thread engagement and surface area for strength.

The entire kit is easily installed or removed while using a lift or jack stands while the driveline is in the car. Lowering of the sub-frame is necessary for easier access to the M6 transmission brackets and is designed to be a true, bolt-on installation kit that can be installed in a few hours using regular, commonly found metric/SAE hand tools. There is also no driveline vibration/noise resonated into the passenger compartment/cabin of any kind and interior sound levels are unaffected from O.E.M.

The DTE Differential Strut is designed to be a true bolt-on drivetrain upgrade for the 2005 C6 Corvette with a manual transmission and doesn't require modification to the vehicle of any kind to install. Each kit comes powder coated red or black for corrosion resistance and includes all of the necessary brackets, fasteners, hardware and detailed photo enhanced instructions required for installation.

Kit Design Features and Principles:

The DTE Differential Strut kit is engineered to counter-act the destructive, natural upward, "wrap-up" action of the differential during hard acceleration that is equal to and opposite of the forward motion of the wheels. Adjustable strut rods connect the transmission to the differential by providing a pre-load against this "wrap-up" action, which causes the differential case to fracture at the transmission mounting flange where the two are bolted together. In some severe cases of fracture, the transmission output shaft will also be broken off when the differential breaks away from the transmission.

This differential strut increases the overall strength and rigidity of the diff./trans. assembly as a whole and provides increased stability to the entire rear drivetrain. The steel brackets secured to the transmission bell housing flange and around the differential case cover perimeter, act as strengthening "girdles" that adds mounting flange rigidity by spreading the driveline shock loads over a greater surface area. These strengthening methods significantly decrease differential mounting flange cracks and transmission output shaft failures. The differential girdle also incorporates a steel cross-strut rod that counteracts any possible deflection between the two upper differential girdle area by tying the two sides of the differential brackets together, side-to-side. Each one of the two adjustable steel strut rods are secured to their respective girdle brackets by heavy duty, steel-ball Heim joints at both ends, in addition to each strut rod being independently adjustable to set pre-load of the entire assembly at both ends.


2005 C6 Corvette with M6 manual transmissions
*May be used with 2 or 3-series carrier assy. using any gear ratio
DTE Differential – Transmission Strut Kits
APPLICATIONS: 13D-10211-SA   C5 Automatic
13D-10212-SA   C5 Manual
13D-10213-SA   C6 Manual
DESCRIPTION: Maintain driveline angles and stiffness by adding our DTE Performance Differential Strut shown here in red. This is one of our most popular products and by installing a DTE Performance strut you will be adding stiffness and controlling induced vibrations and beaming between the transmission and differential. These undesirable reactions can occur during mainly during heavy acceleration and can cause significant damage to both the differential and transmission.
This strut is not currently available for:

  • C6 w/Automatic Transmission
  • C6 Z06
  • ZR1
  • GrandSport
DTE Differential – Transmission Strut Kits

Complete Kit Includes:

  • 3-piece differential girdle bracket set w/ strut rod mounting blocks (pre-welded)
  • 2-piece transmission bell housing bracket set w/ strut rod mounting blocks (pre-welded)
  • 2 stainless steel adjustable main strut rods w/ integral "hex" machined into body of rod
  • 4 HD steel-ball, Heim joints
  • 1 stainless steel cross-strut rod
  • Hardened grade 8 fasteners, studs, washers and related hardware
  • Powder coated red or black finish
  • Detailed instructions w/ installation photos
  • DTE decals
  • Lifetime warranty

Complete Kit Price: $389.00